Jean Piaget and Neuchâtel.

The learner and the scholar.

A collective work edited by Anne-Nelly Perret-Clermont and Jean-Marc Barrelet published by Psychology Press (New York) in 2008.


This book was published on the 9 August 1996, the 100th anniversary of Piaget’s birth in Neuchâtel, and retraces the main stages of the scholar’s journey.

In particular, the book aims to situate the man within the context of his early, fertile environment and to recall the domestic, cultural, scientific and cultural milieux in which he grew up.  It also attempts to position Piaget vis-à-vis the major discussions of this century. 


Part I: Growing up in Neuchâtel
- Neuchâtel (J.-M. Barrelet)
- Neuchâtel, Jean Piaget's home town (J.-P. Jelmini)
- Arthur Piaget (1865-1952): Background of Jean Piaget' father (M. de Tribolet)
- Early schooling (A.-F. Schaller-Jeanneret)
- Studies at the University of Neuchâtel (J.-P. Schaer)
- Did Jean Piaget 'conversion' from malacology to psychology happen in the Faculty of Arts? (M.-J. Liengme-Bessire & S. Béguelin)
- Jean Piaget, 'Friend of nature' (F. Vidal)
- Christian and social commitment (Ch. Thomann)
- Grandchamp and Pierre Bovet (C. Robert-Grandpierre)

Part II: A savant of his age
- The socio-intellectual genealogy of Jean Piaget (T. Zittoun, A.-N. Perret-Clermont & J.-M. Barrelet)
- An intellectual and technology panorama of Piaget's world (J. Rijsman)
- The new education (J. Oelkers)
- The intellectual journey after Neuchâtel period (J.-J. Ducret)
- The reception of Piaget's early ideas in the Soviet Union (R. van der Veer)
- The great images of Jean Piaget (D. Hameline)
- Epilogue: Piaget, his elders and his peers (A.-N. Perret-Clermont)

The Portuguese edition of this book is entitled: Jean Piaget: Apprendiz e mestre, Lisbon: Instituto Piaget.

The French edition of this book is entitled: Jean Piaget et Neuchâtel: L’apprenti et le savant.  Editions Payot, 1996.